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Solumul ethoxylated emulsifiers are used in numerous feed applications for a multitude of functionalities. Functional Solutions offers a complete portfolio of ethoxylated emulsifiers, including several ethoxylated castor oil products (Polyoxyethyleneglycol glycerylricinoleate, E484), ethoxylated soy bean oil fatty acids (Polyethyleneglycol esters of fatty acids from soya oil, E487), as well as polysorbate 80 (polyoxyethylene-20-sorbitan-mono-oleate, E433).

Key application areas include:
– traditional fat emulsification
– defoaming
– digestibility enhancement
– encapsulation of functional components
– solubility/wettability/sinkability improvement



Our Solulec lecithin range consists of lecithins form different vegetable origins, including palm, rapeseed, sunflower. Depending on their origin and where applicable, these are available in GM and non-GM qualities. Hydrolized lecithins, with improved hydrophilicity, greatly expanding their application possibilities, are also part of our portfolio.



Solumul glycerides consist of a multitude of different glycerides from different origins and compositions. They may function as emulsifiers in spray-drying, and can be considered in traditional fat emulsification. They are used as crystallizers in various fat related applications. It is also known that addition of specific glycerides to feed can support the digestion in young animals.



Drinking milks for young animals contain carefully selected ingredients to provide a nutritious and well-balanced diet. It is important that the drinking milk stays stable over the period of preparation and drinking, to ensure all animals get all ingredients in the intended form an composition as was intended. Besides well-known issues as creaming, where emulsifiers play a key in prevention, also sedimentation can be problematic, especially when high percentages of vegetable proteins sources are used. SOLUMIX stabilizers can delay, diminish or even prevent sedimentation from occurring for the time required.



Feed Nutritionist develop a wide range of pellet feeds for all needs and conditions. Some feed products, such as fish feed pellets, can contain high levels of fats and oils. It is important to keep the fat in the pellet and prevent leakage, to minimize losses during feeding (for instance when fish pellets are brought into sea water), but also to reduce sweating, caking and equipment fouling during pellet handling and storage. With our range of SOLUMIX crystallizers, mostly consisting of carefully selected glycerides of various vegetable origins, these adverse effects can be substantially reduced.



Excessive foaming leads to inaccurate feeding and pollution of the feeding systems. Although not all foams are equal, some foams are notoriously difficult to break down, and despite the fact that there are severe regulatory restrictions on the type of anti-foams that are allowed for use in Feed, in many cases our SOLUMIX defoamers have shown to be effective in the reduction or prevention of foam.



The Soluphos phosphate range consists of phosphates commonly used as stabilizers in the production of liquid and dry dairy ingredients and (fat) concentrates. The range also consists of highly soluble phosphates specifically suited for use in premixes as a source of phosphorous. Our range is used in pet food application to enhance stability, texture and pallatability.



It is well established that organic acids have a powerful anti-microbial activity and can, at least to a certain degree, be considered an alternative for prophylactic antibiotic administration. Because there is a downside to their liquid state and sometimes pungent and distinct odor and flavour, their conjugated salts are often used. Our SOLUSEL range comprises of a carefully selected portfolio of premium quality EU-manufactured salts of organic acids, such as sodium and calcium forms of Butyrate, and Calcium lactate. These premium products are used by our customers because of their high quality attributes, such as excellent taste and palatability, low dust, low odor, and good free-flowing properties.



Good quality feed pellets improve feed conversion rates, reduce waste, and improve palatability. By using pellet binders, the throughput of feed production in the pellet mill can be increased, while energy costs are reduced. At the same time, the resulting pellet is of higher quality and less sensitive to breakage and attrition. Consequently less fines and dust are formed during transport, handling and feeding, resulting in improved performance and lower feed losses.


We are experienced pragmatists. With years of experience in spray-drying, Functional Solutions has been successfully servicing many spray-drying companies across the EU and North America. In addition we offer services such as providing insight in how to make specific water-dispersible or water-soluble formulations on customer request, execute comparative studies on various ingredients, encapsulation, bringing material on carrier, custom formulation and blending, and more. We would be delighted with your inquiry, and should we not be able to provide the service requested, we would gladly bring you into contact with relevant experts in our extensive network.


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