CARAFIN, the tasteful brown

The sensoric properties of bread for the most part determine the succes with the cuonsumer. Especially taste and colour have a big influence. It is generally know that a brown colour is associated with “healthy”, but it is also know that a brown colour is considered less tasty (bitter) especially with younger consumers. It is from this background that CARAFIN has been developed.

CARAFIN is a unique product derived from a unique proces, the cassonade production. As a result the product posseses some interesting properties, making it extremely interesting for use in your bread/bakery products.


  • Has a sweet, caramel taste
  • Has no bitter, burnt ater taste
  • Gives a nice golden brown clour to your product
  • Is > 90% of sugar
  • May be labelled as “Brown sugar”

Panel tests with experienced participants have shown CARAFIN to give a agreable flavour profile to bread/bakery products. Compared to dark malts for instance, this becomes even more obvious.


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