We are the partners you sit down with to have a coffee and discuss what keeps you busy.

Whether this is an open discussion about products, ingredients, or additives, whether this is a concrete idea for a new product, application or line extention, or this is about  a concrete problem you have at hand: we are there to discuss and share our thoughts and experiences with you.

In addition, we have our small, but highly effective application laboratory at your disposal, where we can do proof-of-concept experiments to put your or our mutial ideas to the test, and substantiate them with experimental data. Among many other things, we could also offer to do comparative application analysis.

In all the years we have been active in the industry, we have managed to secure a network of reliable partners around us. This network enables us to support you also in sourcing:

  • Ingredients / additives
  • Blending capacity (wet and/or dry or on carrier)
  • Liquid filling of drums, IBC or smaller packaging.
  • Temporary storage capacity
  • Reliable transport
  • Trial capacity

We believe that in this way of collaborating, we can effectively and pragmatically assist you in making the right choices for the ideas, questions and/or challenges you may have.

Contact us and allow us to demonstrate the value that we can provide to you.