Our product line is completely in line with our Mission statement,  and comprises of single ingredients, additives, feed materials and others.

Emulsifiers are at the core of our business and therefore the main product group. Even though the choice for emulsifiers is limited due to regulatory restrictions, the possibilities of their application are endless.

We have the complete range of emulsifiers for traditional fat in water emulsification, which is still a key function in many applications. However, emulsifiers also play a key role in fullfilling several other purposes. Examples are protection/encapsulation of non-water soluble components, or application as a technical aid to give wetting properties, sinckability or to regulate moisture content in compounded feed.

Generally, emulsifiers are either used to support the (young) animal, or to enhance the product properties in which the emulsifier is used.

To find out what emulsifier suits your application best, get in touch with us!

Other product groups in our portfolio aim to  also support the (young) animal and consist of emulsifier based specially developed products or additives/ingredients/feed materials that have a specific function and/or are of premium quality, each providing a unique set of attributes. Product groups include for instance:

  • Ca-Lactate (EU origin, FOOD quality)
  • Butyrates (e.g. Ca and Na salts, non-smell, coated, slow release)
  • Phosphates (e.g. STPP, EU origin, FOOD quality)
  • Natural oregano oil (e.g., powdered, liquid, protected/encapsulated)